This site centers on two different kinds of shapeshifters: the avians and the serpiente. They have waged war for so long now the war is settling but the people of each clan still has sore spots for the opposite clan.
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The Mistari

This tribe is briefly mentioned in Hawksong. They are tiger shapeshifters who originally lived in China but were forced out by humans. They are considered to be very wise and other tribes often come to them for advise in desperate situations. When Zane Cobriana chooses to finally arrange a meeting of the leaders of the Serpiente and Avians after his brother's death, the meeting was arranged to be held in Mistari lands. The Mistari's female leader, the Disa, was the one who suggested the union of the two peoples by the joining of the royal families. They are the oldest of all the shapeshifters.
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