This site centers on two different kinds of shapeshifters: the avians and the serpiente. They have waged war for so long now the war is settling but the people of each clan still has sore spots for the opposite clan.
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 Obsidian Guild

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The Obsidian Guild

The Guild consists mainly of white vipers, Maeve's descendants, and is first described in detail in Wolfcry. They live as exiles from serpiente society, surviving in the forests through hunting and trading with the local wolf pack. Occasionally exiled serpents join them, if the serpent was exiled for crimes they either reform or are sent away to survive in the wilderness, if all they did was refuse to fight in the avian-serpiente war the Guild takes them in. The members of the Guild follow the ways of the Rsh, the lower priests and priestesses of the Dasi cult. Their leader is simply referred to as Obsidian and none of its people seem to have a set name except for vows. They value dance and freedom as well as justice.

The rift between them and serpiente society is ancient, and they are wary of the Cobriana line. In the past there have been many occasions were amnesties were offered and mass executions were delivered. Though the Guild is willing to consider rejoining the serpiente, they feel that it is best to wait until the snakes have resolved their feud with the avians before trying to reconcile another ancient struggle.
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lol! my guild aviens and serpirnte need to get over the war bounce
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Obsidian Guild
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