This site centers on two different kinds of shapeshifters: the avians and the serpiente. They have waged war for so long now the war is settling but the people of each clan still has sore spots for the opposite clan.
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The shm'Ahnmik

Unlike the avians and the serpiente, who have forgotten much of their origins and all of their magic, the falcon culture has changed very little since the days after the Dasi split. The falcons inhabit an island, which is called Ahnmik. They have their own city, which is every bit as magical as the falcons themselves. Falcon society has a strict hierarchy with even more rules than the avians. Cjarsa is the Empress and together with her heir Araceli she holds complete control of all the falcons. Implying that the royal family is anything but just, flawless, and merciful is treason and punished with death by torture. As saying that the royal family tortures anyone would be implying that they are cruel, any torture is referred to as the Empress' or the Heir's mercy. The Mercy is also the name of the local police force, which does anything the royal family orders them to, be it helping a child in need or torturing someone to death. Falcons are deadly fighters, both physically and magically, and resistance to their rules or sentences will almost certainly result in death. But in spite of their strict social hierarchy, falcons act much more like serpiente than avians because of their similar origins. Falcons value dance and music and every single thing they build is a work of art. Though most falcons have a free choice of mate, they are confined to falcons of the same type as they are. Children between different kinds of falcons are called "mongrels" and they often lose control of their magic while growing up.

Growing up, falcons begin studying combat as soon as they are able to walk. They usually begin studying their magic before they are nine years old. Falcon hierarchy devides them up into several classes with strict bordering lines between them. The classes are usually defined by a person's ability to control their magic or by their origin. There are four types of falcons, each of them is led from one member of the royal family: Gyrfalcon (Cjarsa), Peregrine (Araceli), Aplomado (Syfka), and Merlin (Servos). Cjarsa and Araceli rule the island, Syfka is the falcon's representative to the mainland, and Servos is in charge of the shm'Ecl.

Falcons usually have fair skin and blonde hair. Their eyes can be any shade of sapphire to blue-green, as well as silver and sometimes violet. Their hair usually develops blue streaks as they get more familiar with their magic. Like avians, falcons are warm blooded, but their body temperature is much higher and the aura of heat they radiate is extreme. When combined with their magical power it can throw humans and even serpiente off balance. The falcon's Demi form is the same as an avian's and they are capable of growing their wings on their human body. However, unlike avians who rarely assume their Demi form, for falcons this is the normal way to look. Only mongrels, criminals, and falcons with unstable magic aren't allowed to wear their wings openly. The vast majority of the falcon population wear their wings as a rule.
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