This site centers on two different kinds of shapeshifters: the avians and the serpiente. They have waged war for so long now the war is settling but the people of each clan still has sore spots for the opposite clan.
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The Avians

The avians are a race which values something called "avian reserve," which means to have complete control of one's emotions. They do not laugh or cry and when they do express some emotion it is usually within careful limits as dictated by their society. Their second forms consist of ravens, crows, and sparrows for ordinary avians. The second forms of their royal family are hawks. Their queen is called Tuuli Thea, her husband is simply referred to as her alistair (meaning "protector"), like all avian husbands. Avian society is very uptight and conservative, though women frequently hold positions of power avian ladies are thought of as needing protection from their alistairs. An avian girl is promised to her alistair when they are both children and they are raised together. There is no free choice in the matter of marriage. Everything is dictated either by older family members or social rules, which are very strict. In contrast to this is a passion for music, art, and storytelling which weaves its way through the confines of avian reserve.

Avians are built for long flights against the wind and their respiratory systems are extremely efficient. Their body temperature is also far above that of a human and they radiate an aura of warmth. Ordinary avians usually have either brown or black hair with eyes in various shades of brown. The royal family has golden eyes and hair. All avians are capable of assuming a Demi form where they grow their wings while still keeping a human body.

The avians have been at war with the serpiente for thousands of years and the two sides have been slaughtering each other frequently and very efficiently. Nobody remembers how or why the fighting got started.
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