This site centers on two different kinds of shapeshifters: the avians and the serpiente. They have waged war for so long now the war is settling but the people of each clan still has sore spots for the opposite clan.
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 Amelia Ridmell

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Amelia Ridmell

Amelia Ridmell

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PostSubject: Amelia Ridmell   Sat Nov 21, 2009 2:06 am

Name: Amelia Ridmell

Age: 18

Race: Mistari (white tiger)

Look's: Amelia has long wavy hair as black as a ravens feathers and pale skin as smooth as marble. Her deep blue eyes can calm any child and captivate any man. Her beauty almost matches that of Danica Shardae's.

Personality: Amelia is very kind and gentle. She tries to show confindence in many situations but inside she lacks it. She has many leadership quialities, but has yet to show them.

Like's: Wyvern's Court, Zane Cobriana, Danica Shardae, life, love, hopes, dreams

Dislike's: war, heartbreak, pain, blood,

History: When Amelia was a child (15 years of life), the avians and the serpiente came to the Mistari lands to make their treaty. When she asked her mother (the Disa of the Mistari) about the meeting after the avians left, her mother just shook her head. Later that night Zane Cobriana asked for a talk. Amelia was weary at first but accepted. Zane talked of peace and a way to stop the bloodshed. She was astonished. Zane asked her if there was any way the Mistari could help his hopes become reality. She was the heir to the Disa after all. She told him there was nothing they could do, but told him she was sure that peace was coming soon. Truthfully she only hoped that, but she needed Zane to believe that he could do it. She would never forget his next words. "You are wise for your age Lady Amelia. May your life be a long one." Ever since that night, she's always had a place in her heart for Zane. But she hopes she can find someone to fill her heart to its fullest.

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Amelia Ridmell
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